Best ESO Templar Builds Guide

Guide To Creating Your Elder Scrolls Online Templar Build

First decide  your preferred game play style. Do you want to be a Templar tank, a healer, damage dealer or would you rather focus on a great leveling or a great hybrid PvP/PvE build? The collection of ESO templar builds and guides is constantly growing at ESO Universe. You’ll find everything from great starter DPS builds using Aedric Spear skill line, super healer and tanking builds from the restoring light line and solid support builds using the Dawn’s Wrath skill line.

eso templar builds

Templar Leveling Build Guide

Playing Elder Scrolls Online as a Templar with a leveling build is like going on an expedition. If built and used properly, the eso Templar farming/leveling builds described at Eso universe are extremely effective and tons of fun. These builds have been used to level from 1 to 50 in about 21 hours play time. You’ll want to use range when farming rather than melee, especially when others close by are farming as well. Engage them from a distance rather than right up on them. You can also pull multiple morphs while using range allowing you to hit multiple targets and gain more experience than other players leveling in the area. These Templar Leveling Builds utilize the Magicka and Stamina bars allowing for ultimate efficiency which will allow you to continuously deal damage.

 Templar Healing Builds

If you choose to be a templar healer, you’ll focus on the Restoration skill line and your weapon choice is completely up to you. Bow and 2 handed sword are the most commonly used weapons. You will need to focus as many points on Magicka as possible. Keep in mind, even if you’re magicka is kept full, you will use it fast and find yourself running low at times. Healing cannot be accomplished by targeting a friendly in your interface to heal them, as in WoW and SWTOR. In ESO you will be right in the action and use spells for ‘smart healing’ and passive healing. Healing in Elder Scrolls Online is a bit more difficult than other MMOs simply because you will need to strategically place your spells and your group members must also help you to help them! Watch some of the Templar Healer build videos and pick up a useful guide at ESO universe.

Templar DPS Builds

Most Templar DPS builds are hybrid builds. Templars are a hybrid class and players often have a mix of attributes, with the least skill points put into stamina. Dodging & blocking are important but for ranged casters they aren’t as important. A tank should put most skill points into health and a small amount into stamina. Healers and damage dealers will want to increase their magicka to allow for constant damage dealing or healing. Visit eso universe for dps, PvP/PvE and all play style templar builds for ESO.